Individual Counselling

Counselling helps you to change dysfunctional patterns and heal the wounds that block you from achieving your full potential in life. Fear, loneliness, anger, emptiness, insecurity, depression can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Counselling works with issues in personal growth, stress management, relationship, sexuality, career, finances, health and creativity. You will become stronger by resolving issues and finding expression for your authentic being. Counselling is a safe, effective way of resolving dilemmas within yourself and your relationships with others.

Couples Counselling

Couples counselling addresses challenges with closeness, distancing, sharing of responsibility, and communication issues such as negotiation and compromise. It can help you flourish in the fiery reality of genuine intimacy. With communication tools, support and structure counselling can help your relationship grow in ways you might not have thought possible. Love, relationship and partnership are vehicles for growth and challenge in achieving the life that you want.

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