Spirituality and Coaching

Existential Spiritual Counselling

Spirituality fuelled by self-knowledge and focused on contributing something of value to the world adds richness and depth to your life. We provide a non-religious approach to spirituality that draws on all of who you are - body, soul, spirit, mind, emotions, action. Our approach is one of full participation in the dream like nature of life, discovering the wisdom that is already there. We have an intensive eclectic background in spiritual methods from Western, Buddhist, yogic and shamanic traditions. We can help people through a spiritual crisis and facilitate mystical experience.

Holistic Life Coaching

When you connect to your true self, you find powerful guidance and the energy to manifest full potential in your life. If you feel blocked and frustrated, preoccupied with resentment, self-doubt or self-criticism, we can help you. Holistic life coaching provides a structure of accountability and support to help you discover and generate the life you want. Your capacity for clear thinking will open up. Blocks to planning and follow through will be addressed. You will discover your inspiration, direction, meaning and purpose. The satisfaction of finding your calling and living the life that belongs to you is priceless.

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