The Living Institute Cultural Innovator Award 2008

Date: Friday, July 18 7:00 – 9:15pm
Event: The Human Dimension of Psychotherapy Conference
Location: Hart House Debate Room, University of Toronto
Friday evening fee: $25

The Living Institute presented Hon. George Smitherman, Ontario Minister of Health with the Living Institute Cultural Innovator Award 2008 in acknowledgement of the impact that he has made in recognizing and integrating new paradigms of health and healing for the citizens of Ontario.

We would like to thank him and the members of his staff for the considerable work and foresight involved in passing the Traditional Chinese Medicine Act in 2006, and the Homeopathy Act, Naturopathy Act and Psychotherapy Act, in 2007.

In particular, the Psychotherapy Act , which is the first of its kind in Canada, will serve as a model for the international current trend towards recognizing psychotherapy as a profession, as seen in the upcoming 39th International Meeting , hosted by the Society for Psychotherapy Research in Barcelona in June of this year. Ontario now stands at the international forefront in this historic and progressive recognition of our profession. The spirit of the legislation recognizes and appreciates diversity in the profession.

Our institute is hosting the Human Dimension of Psychotherapy conference here in Toronto from July 18 – 20, 2008. We are bringing internationally recognized leaders together with Ontario colleagues to discuss integration and development of the psychotherapies affected by the recent legislation.

Abid Malik, Director of Policy for the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, will accept the award for the Minister on Friday, July 18, 7pm, just before the keynote address.