[TLI-402] Living Institute Capstone Project

This is a multifaceted project that does not result in a single product but, rather, in several products which, taken together, constitute a capstone project. This is a 360⁰ portfolio based on a variety of learning experiences and outcome assessments that demonstrates the summative accomplishment of integrative professional competency development in the program.

  1. Internship.  Completion of a minimum 450 hours of direct client contact with 100+ hours of practice supervision with an approved supervisor, including annual supervisor reports to Clinical Director. Up to date practice records must be filed in the Institute client records storage system. There is a Student Clinic summative exit review by Clinical Director.
  2. Self Development Program. Completion of the Self Development Program to an adequate stage with an approved therapist or counsellor, with satisfactory annual Self Development Program reports, as reviewed with Self Development supervisor and Clinical Director.
  3. Professional journal project. Upon entering their internship, students are required to subscribe to a psychotherapy journal of their choice, approved by the Programs Director. There is a biannual journal class in which each intern presents a report on what they have been reading in the journal they have subscribed to. This provides knowledge of what kind of journals are available, and what constitutes the current leading edge of knowledge development in the field. It provides a basis for students’ choice of a journal which they will write a submission for as part of the capstone project.
  4. Exit paper. Students are required to write a paper on a psychotherapy topic for submission to a psychotherapy journal of their choice, approved by the Programs Director. The paper does not have to be published, but has to be written according to the submission guidelines of the particular journal.  Length of the paper must be appropriate for submission to the journal of choice. The paper will be reviewed by the Programs Director.
  5. Case presentation. During each year of their internship students are required to make a case presentation in a class with fellow interns, led by Institute faculty, according to Student Clinic Manual guidelines that are based on original intake plus progress reports. Students are asked to highlight accomplishments and failures in therapy and to bring relevant clinical questions into the class. Once the case presentation has been made, students are required to submit a written product that includes a report on the class discussion of the case.
  6. Public workshop. Students create and present a psychotherapy workshop plan for approval by Institute Programs Director and Clinical Director, design a workshop flyer, recruit clients and conduct the workshop. After the workshop, participants complete Feedback Forms which are reviewed in supervision. Workshops must be at least three hours in length. This may be done in partnership with a colleague who would co-lead.